Cyber ​​Monday oil-free fryers

If you're looking for oil-free fryers on Cyber ​​Monday then you can't miss everything we have for you. Without a doubt, this type of fryer has become a great basic for our day to day. Because they cook without oil or with a single tablespoon of it. So they have many virtues.

So much so that if you want to try them, then nothing like letting yourself be carried away by those moments where the discounts they are present. One of the most anticipated Mondays of the year arrives. Yes, believe it or not, also on Monday special things can happen like the ones we will tell you about below.

Cyber ​​Monday in oil-free fryers

If you wanted one oil-free fryer on Cyber ​​Monday, the ones you will find below have greatly reduced their price today:

When is Cyber ​​Monday

There is always a Monday that can make us smile. As we were advancing, despite the fact that it is always one of the days that everyone hates, it seems that this year comes back through the big door. Cyber ​​Monday It is celebrated on Monday, November 27, 2023. It is true that it is also often known as Blue Monday.

Is Monday after Thanksgiving and as such, to the day of Black Friday. So it can be said that it is a long weekend where celebrations and discounts will be the order of the day. Stores and other companies were the ones who promoted purchases like these, above all, to encourage people to buy via the internet. Because Cyber ​​Monday is another day that offers us the opportunity to find what we are looking for, for much less.

What discounts can we get on oil-free fryers for Cyber ​​Monday

It is true that after Black Friday we are given one more opportunity to get hold of home appliances like the oilless fryers on Cyber ​​Monday. Therefore, we must not let them escape. The idea is that on Black Friday a series of discounts will come to light on all of them. As a general rule, we cannot give a round price but we can approach discounts rather than special ones that will start from approximately 15% to 60%. So during this Monday, which today is our protagonist, the offers will continue.

But of course, to differentiate it from Friday, it is true that the discounts are intensified a little more. Hence, the oil-free fryers that had lower discounts three days before, on Monday, November 30, will go up. So we will be able to buy them with a greater offer. But be careful, because they are usually until the stock is finished, which means that products can be finished before you think twice. So you already know that in these cases, it is better not to hesitate when we see a good offer.

What oil-free fryers can we buy on Cyber ​​Monday?


This firm belonging to the American group Vesync, owner of several brands such as Levoit or Etekcity, is a large manufacturer of small household appliances, standing out especially for its air fryers that do not need oil. A great choice if you are looking for a device that provides quality, good results and intelligent functions to facilitate your work in the kitchen.

Cecotec Cecofry

Small electrical appliances as well as household products are Cecotec's strong suit. So it's no wonder that when we talk about oil-free fryers on Cyber ​​Monday, they are also more than present. Thanks to its wide range, it has managed to conquer all customers and in this case, it delights us with a very special and high-quality fryer. With a capacity of 3 liters, you can cook on two levels, with ceramic coating, which makes this fryer one of the essentials. Saving time and ingredients like oil.

Philips Air Fryer

We also put ourselves in good hands because it is one of those brands that has been around our entire lives and continues to do so. With products full of technological innovations and also high quality is what we can find. Hence, your AirFryer oil-free fryer is also not far behind. It has an XXL size, so it is essential for the whole family. But that's not all but in addition to frying it also bakes and toasts your favorite food but without any fat. You can grilling meat, fish and preparing desserts varied.

Tefal Actifry®

This French manufacturer has been in our lives since the 50s. So each decade has been better than the previous one, in terms of innovation and new products. In this case, it also has models of fryers without oil that are well worth knowing. There are several models that you can find, but one of the most acclaimed is the one that can cook on two levels, because without a doubt, it will save us a lot of time. It has a control panel and a capacity of 1,5 liters to which is added 140 W of power. What more can we ask for?

Moulinex Easy Fry

Although we see it with its compact size, we should not worry because it can cook for 4 to 6 people. With several modes and programs, which will make our dishes very versatile. So creativity will also be on our side. In addition, it goes without saying that Moulinex also had its beginnings in the 50s and is another of the best-known firms of all time. Now, he wants us to continue to make life a little easier, thanks to the Cyber ​​Monday oil-free fryers. That is why it is just that moment to be able to get a good offer.

Why an oil-free fryer is worth buying on Cyber ​​Monday

These air fryers, or oil-free fryers, ensure that they can make food without so much fat, reducing up to in 75% calories compared to a conventional deep fryer. In addition, they will help you save on oil, and they are much easier to clean and maintain. A great idea if you want to cook in a healthier way at home, and in which you can do everything. From potatoes, dumplings, croquettes, battered chicken, floured fish, wings, etc.

The problem is that some of these fryers tend to have somewhat high prices compared to conventional ones, especially those that are equipped with somewhat more advanced functions, such as touch screen, connectivity, etc. But you don't have to give up a healthier diet and have one of these tools in your kitchen, since on Cyber ​​Monday you will have a multitude of offers in the main brands in online stores.

Tips for Choosing an Oil-Free Fryer on Cyber ​​Monday

If you're looking for choosing a good oil-free fryer During Cyber ​​Monday, you can get a smart purchase by following these recommendations:

  • The first thing is to think about which brand and model of air fryer is best for you, according to its functions, types of food admitted, whether or not it has a basket, whether it has a shovel to move or not, and other extra functions. Once you have that clear, you should also think for how many people you usually cook, to determine the necessary capacity.
  • Now that you know which fryer models can be adapted to what you are looking for, the next thing is to determine which of them are within the budget range that you have set for Cyber ​​Monday. Remember that by having significant discounts, even those that are normally out of your reach may be within your limits.
  • On Cyber ​​Monday, go through the main online stores where these oil-free fryers are available to compare all the offers that fit the chosen models. So you can launch yourself for the best offer, without falling into the first one you see, which does not have to be the most favorable.
  • On the other hand, you must act fast and do not leave it for the last moment or you may run out of stock or without offers. Also, read the special conditions of the store carefully, since they may change on Cyber ​​Monday.

Stores that discount oil-free fryers for Cyber ​​Monday

cyber monday oil free fryers

  • Amazon: The online giant will have discounts for several days in the month of November, ending with Cyber ​​Monday. So, without a doubt, they will be just as succulent as every year or perhaps, in this one a little more to leave a good taste in our mouths. What is the big advantage? That here you can find many models of oil-free fryers. More or less compact models, with more functions but all of them that come from important brands and with great results. The discounts themselves can vary starting from 21%.
  • El Corte Ingles: If one is the online giant, in this case it is another giant as a department store. It will also have to its credit the best brands and with them, good discounts that you cannot put aside. It seems that the original family business has advanced and continues to bring the best to its customers. So you can find oil-free fryers, various brands and many features according to your needs.
  • Worten: Both household appliances and electronics are two of the main guidelines of this Portuguese chain. It was inaugurated in the mid-90s and although it is relatively young it had a great level of expansion. Here you can find Tefal fryer models at quite competitive prices. So it doesn't hurt to keep that in mind when Cyber ​​Monday begins.
  • Media Markt: The sale of both computers and electronics or household appliances characterize this company. Its foundation took place at the end of the 70s, although it was not until the end of the 90s when it landed in our country. Since then it has become another of the great essentials. As for oil-free fryers, you will also find them at Mediamarkt at affordable prices.
  • Lidl: Sometimes the supermarket chain that came to Spain from Germany surprises us a lot. Because in addition to the basic products, it also offers us some ideas in the form of household products that we cannot refuse. In this case, oil-free fryers will be a big catch. The reason? Because it has everything you need: 9 functions such as grilling, frying, browning or cooking among others. With a price that will surprise you!

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