How to Clean an Electric Fryer Easily

how to clean an electric fryer

Do you want to leave your fryer like the golden jets? In this post we tell you do's and don'ts to clean a electric fryer easily.

First and foremost

  • Not all fryers are cleaned in the same way, it depends on the type of appliance and the specific model.
  • It is essential read the manualwhere you will find information on which parts can be disassembled, which are compatible with a dishwasher and even which products should not be used.
  • Some manufacturers even tell you how to properly clean the appliance, as well as the frequency and required maintenance of filters and other accessories.
  • Never do the cleaning with the fryer plugged into the mains, it is dangerous.
  • Clean it regularly prevents the accumulation of grease and debris that will make the task more difficult. It is advisable to wash it every time you change the oil for a clean one.

Cleaning step by step

Now let's go through the steps to make it shiny and ready to fry.

Empty the Oil

With cold oil and machine unplugged Empty the bucket into a suitable container, do not pour it down the sink. To do this without spilling it, you may find it very useful to use a funnel with filter to separate impurities that you can throw away.

Soak in Vinegar Water

If the fryer has a removable tank, we recommend you to take it out, put the basket and washable filters in it and fill it up to the top with hot water and a good splash of vinegar. Then let it sit for 15/20 minutes while you clean other parts such as the lid or the body of the appliance.

If you can't disassemble the vat, fill with the same mixture with the basket in it and turn the machine on for a few seconds. 15 minutes at half power so that the water does not boil.

Basket Cleaning

After soaking, clean the basket with a clean cloth. scouring sponge or plastic bristle brush and dishwashing liquid or put it in the dishwasher before it dries out again. If there was a lot of residue stuck to it you can spray some grease remover in the dirtiest areas.

Bucket Cleaning

After soaking, if it is detachable, there is nothing like putting it in the dishwasher. Otherwise use a sponge with dishwasher to remove all the dirt. It is very important to remove all the soap residue by wiping it off with a damp, wrung out washcloth as many times as necessary. Finally you can dry the tank with a dry cloth and finally with some kitchen paper.

Washing the Filters.

If your fryer has removable filters that can be washed, you should as with the basket.

Clean the resistors.

For resistors first use a paper towelthen clean with scouring pad and dishwashing soap. without rubbing too hard. Remove all soap residue with a clean, damp washcloth.

Fryer exterior and lid.

For the outside and the lid you should also first wipe with absorbent kitchen paper. Then use a swab dipped in soapy water to finish with another wipe moistened with clean water.

If the lid is removable it is best to follow the same process as the bowl for best results.

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