Oil-less deep fryer Innsky

We want to change our daily eating habits and for this, we always have aids or impulses such as the oil-less deep fryer Innsky. Since its technology is based on a system of heat by convention. What makes that aspect of oven, both in its aesthetics and in the finish of your dishes, is present.

A deep fryer like the one we present to you will be a great help in your day to day life. Because will save us a lot of time in the kitchenWe will make incredible dishes with textures more than delicious and because it is very easy to use. Therefore, it will always be that impulse that we mentioned to take care of ourselves but in the simplest way. Do you want to know how?

Innsky Fryer Features

10 in 1 Machine

We talked about it as the Innsky oil-less fryer. But of course it has many more options when it comes to cooking. Since we can say that it is also an oven, where it is you can make different preparations from desserts to the most succulent pizzas.. On the other hand, it is also a grill and even a fruit dehydrator. Since its temperature can vary depending on whether you are going to grill food or bake, leaving us the most delicious dishes.

Easy to use and safe

One of the details we look at when buying an oil-less fryer Innsky is that it should be easy to use. In this case, we were right because it is an intuitive model. Because has a display from which you can select the cooking mode.. And now you don't have to worry about it because it has a rotation system that will turn the food by itself, so you don't have to worry about turning it! In addition, you can see where your favourite dish is with the internal light it has. If you don't like cooking or if you don't know how to cook, now it will seem like the opposite with this deep fryer.

Temperature range from 80ºC to 200ºC

innsky oil-less fryer

Although a priori we do not notice it, it is certain that the temperature range is another positive point to be taken into account. Because, as in this case, the range of possibilities is quite wide and this translates into more options when it comes to cooking. It is hot enough for grilling, baking, frying and toasting. The heat will flow quickly thanks to an internal fan.

Easy to clean

In addition to cooking without any splashes in the kitchen, an oil-less Innsky fryer like this one also saves cleaning time. Because all parts can be removed and washed in the dishwasher, if desired. You can even remove the oven door for a more thorough cleaning. If you wash them by hand, remember that it is always better to use a mild soap that takes care of the surfaces and a sponge or cloth that is also gentle. If you do this after every use, you'll always have a more than perfect oven.

10 litre capacity

We will have no problem in the quantities at the time of cooking. Because with a capacity of 10 litres will be enough to feed a large family.. Which allows us to make food for more than one occasion and then, we will keep it in the fridge. In addition, think that you can make two dishes, so that no one has to wait for their healthy menu and in addition to all this, it has a fairly compact size.

Transparent window

This is one of the great advantages of the Innsky oil-less fryer. Because thanks to its front window we will be able to see how the cooking point is going. and stay always calmer. In addition to this, it has lighting, so that we don't miss anything at any time.

1500 W power

Also its power leads us to speak of a large household appliance.. Since it will allow us to make all kinds of dishes in a fairly fast and efficient way. What leaves us very varied menus and is its power who is also to blame for it. You will always get the finishes you really want and is that a fryer like this will be a great ally in your life.

Innsky oil-less fryer accessories

inssky fryer accessories

  • Dehydration traysAs the name suggests, these are trays that you can use to dehydrate fruits. But what's more, they are also the perfect supports for cooking in several stages. So you can enjoy several dishes in a single cooking, always saving time and energy.
  • Grill skewers: Skewers are another accessory that we love. Because we can make skewers of meat or vegetables whenever we want.. What will make us enjoy much more of the food grilled or barbecued but from our fryer. Resistant skewers, with a perfect shape to hold them and to get the best results.
  • Drum basket for French fries: It is especially suitable for French fries. Because it is a basket that can be easily placed inside and will rotate. This makes the hot air penetrate better and the result of the food is crispier than expected. That's why it is so successful to see how these foods do crisp as we like.
  • Chicken rotisserie: If you want to have a roast chicken in less time and less effortthen with this accessory you will get it. A kind of skewer that is hooked to the meat itself and then, attached to both sides of the fryer. This does a similar job to the basket we just mentioned. It will rotate so that the meat is done more evenly.
  • Drip trayTo make cleaning faster, there is nothing better than a drip tray. It is placed at the bottom and on it all the food that we are going to cook. As we know, even if we use hardly any oil, these foods always have juices that will be expelled during the cooking process.. So a tray like this will be responsible for collecting them to make sauces later or discard them.
  • Grilling fork: When it comes to skewering or removing the meat, we also need something of our own for it. What better than to go for the roasting fork. Composed of a comfortable handle and two fine openings, comfortable enough to hold well the pieces of meat that we have made roasted.

How the Innsky oil-less fryer works

The truth is that it is a really fast and simple operation. That's why, we must say that first of all you must turn it on and pour a tablespoon of oilif that's the case. And you will do it in the cooking container. You can place the basket and wait a couple of minutes for the fryer to heat up. You will know it is ready because it has indicators that will let you know.

Now it's time to open your door, cSelect the food you are going to prepare and adjust the time and temperature according to the dish.. Because in your panel you can see how you have a series of symbols to choose from depending on whether it is meat, fish, pizzas, etc..

It will not be complicated, because it has 10 programs that have already configured these steps and that really are the basics that will do all the work for you. Although if you want an even crispier finish, then you can program it according to your needs.

Does the Innsky fryer come with a recipe booklet?

recipes innsky deep fryer

Yes, the fryer has a recipe book so you can let your imagination run wild and always have ideas for menus that will surprise your table. It has dishes of all kinds, in which you will discover a very detailed recipe, with basic and healthy foods, as well as specifying the cooking time and the number of guests.

You will also have a section of tips as well as measures, so you know the exact amounts when we get to develop all kinds of recipes. Without forgetting that you have them in several languages.

If you still have doubts about the temperatures, you will be pleased to know that the recipe book will be all well noted, as well as the time of elaboration. according to the quantities of food. What more can we ask for?

Remember that in our section of books of oil-less deep fryer recipes you'll find more ideas on how to get the most out of this Innsky fryer.

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