Moulinex Easy Fry Deluxe EZ401D Oil Free Fryers

moulinex oil-less deep fryer

Looking for an oil-free fryer Moulinex? The Easy Fry Deluxe model can be a great choice, because it features outstanding performances and interesting features. In addition, thanks to its healthy cooking process, it is ideal for improve your diet.

To help you decide we have made a complete analysisSo we'll tell you all the details to find out if it meets your needs: capabilities, buyer reviews, pros and cons, and more. Here we go!

➤ Moulinex Easy Fry Features Highlights

Let's see below what are the most outstanding features of this appliance and what benefits we can expect from it.

▷ Capacity

This is an air fryer with a large capacity of 4.2 litres. In other words, you will have the possibility to prepare sufficient portions. for up to 3 or 4 people.

▷ 1500 Watts of Power

The integrated power is sufficient for its 4.2 litre capacity. In addition, with this 1500W you can reach a stable temperature of up to 200°Cand can be adjusted to a minimum of 80°C. This way we will obtain the best results for any of our recipes.

▷ Easy Cleaning

It has a bucket that you can easily remove after each use. Therefore, this piece can be washed manually or by hand. in the dishwasher.

In addition, you can also clean the rest of the appliance using a semi-damp cloth, although this will not be essential, as in the frying process practically no soiling at all.

▷ Digital Control with Display

Integrates a intuitive digital display which has easily identifiable icons for selecting the different programs suitable for each type of cooking. In this way, it will automatically adjust the temperature and time according to your choice.

The 8 options of common pre-programmed recipes available are: meat, fries, prawns, pizza, pie, fish, roast and grill.

▷ Design and Construction

This model has a practical system with removable tray for food. Its structure is made of stainless steel and some plastic components. In this way, it will be able to withstand high temperatures, but at the same time it will be able to avoid burns.

It has a clean, sleek finish and a very modern look in steel with black accents. Its bowl comes with a lined non-stick and free of toxic substances such as BPA or bisphenol A, so it allows you to cook safely.

  • DimensionsHeight 33,3 x Width 27,8 x Depth 33,3 cm
  • Approximate weight: 4,5 kilos

▷ Warranty

The brand offers two years warranty in case the product presents factory defects, but the company also ensures spare parts so that the product will be repairable for 10 years.

➤ Moulinex Air Fryer Price

This model is in a price range that around 130 euros, placing it on a par with other well-known brands such as Tefal or Philips.

If you are interested in knowing what is your exact price at this moment you can enter here.

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995 Reviews
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  • Compact healthy air fryer 4 L large capacity and up to...
  • From crispy chicken wings to nugget muffins...
  • Non-stick coating to facilitate the cooking of...

▷ Included Accessories

When you purchase this appliance you will receive the following items:

  • Basket
  • Grid
  • Power cable

➤ User Reviews Moulinex Oil-less Fryer

This model has managed to satisfy the majority of its customers on Amazon, as it has achieved a score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. It also has more than 20 buyer reviews, of which 63% are positive.

The opinions are mainly focused on aspects such as your ease of use and how easy it is to clean it after cooking. Most of the comments also emphasize that food preparation results in delicious and healthy dishes.

Your large capacity is another of the features highlighted by users, as it allows you to cook several portions in an efficient, fast and practical way.

➤ Conclusions Mifreidorasin-oil

Its capacity, ease of use and good quality/price ratio make this model an ideal choice for those looking for a modern design and want to prepare portions for more than two diners.

By integrating an intuitive touch screen it is easy to adjust the temperature and cooking time to our liking. In addition, with its drawer system not only prevents us from dirtying more utensils than necessary, but also allows us to get rid of grease easily. Therefore, this is an excellent fryer for those who are looking for convenience in a fryer. prestigious brand.

▷ Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Digital control with display
  • Good power
  • 8 preset cooking programs
  • Large capacity
  • Good opinions
  • Easy cleaning


  • We cannot visualize the cooking process
  • Does not remove food

▷ Frequently Asked Questions

In case you still have some doubts Say goodbye to them! Well, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

  • How do you fry? It generates a flow of hot air capable of browning food using little or no oil, resulting in a soft inside and crispy outside.
  • Do fried foods turn over by themselves? No, if you want to turn them over you will have to do it manually halfway through cooking.
  • Where can I find Moulinex recipes? The recipe booklet is available on the brand's website.

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995 Reviews
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  • Compact healthy air fryer 4 L large capacity and up to...
  • From crispy chicken wings to nugget muffins...
  • Non-stick coating to facilitate the cooking of...
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