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vpcok fryer without oil

  • Updated 03/2021

With hot air fryers Vpcok you can begin to improve your diet, since frying with very little oil allows you to eliminate excess fat in food.

Its technology heats the food from all directions for even and uniform cooking. healthier for you and your familyless oil means more health.

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In this brand review you can find all the information you need to know if it meets your needs: user opinions, specifications, advantages and disadvantages, etc.., that will allow you to make the best purchase decision.

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➤ Vpcok Highlights Vpcok

Let's see what are the most remarkable elements of your most economical diet fryer.

▷ 3.6 Litre capacity

This oil-less deep fryer has a capacity of 3.6 litres, making it one of the best in the market. intermediate segment. With this size it is recommended for about 3 portions approximatelyalthough it depends on the dish and how greedy we are.

▷ 1300 Watts of Power

It is not a low power, although it is true that the power/capacity ratio is not among the best. This allows its energy efficiency is A+++, which means lower energy consumption.

This power allows it to reach a temperature up to 200 degrees and we can adjust it to the needs of each recipe from a minimum of 80 ºC. It has a temperature control on its digital panel ranging from 80º to 200º..

It must be taken into account that the temperature to be chosen in a basic fryer will not be the same as in the air fryers, when cooking the usual dishes. The air circulates in a fairly strong or consistent way, so you will have to reduce the temperature slightly in Vpcok fryers. The ideal is to preheat it and then adjust the temperature to what we are going to cook.

▷ Hassle-free cleaning

What we always have to look at when buying an appliance is that it is easy to clean. Therefore, in the case of air fryers Vpcok it is, because you can remove your accessories and wash them comfortably.. As we have mentioned about its coating, it will do that just by wiping it with a damp cloth or kitchen paper we will have the cleaning of its interior done. In the same way that we can also do the same for its external part, since only a soft cloth will be enough to keep it always shiny. If you are in a hurry, you can always wash its parts in the dishwasher.

The two main parts are very easy to remove and can be cleaned after use and washed. both manually and in the dishwasher.

The outside can be wiped with a semi damp cloth and there is really not much to do since practically no mess when cooking.

▷ Digital Controller with LCD Display

The digital panel allows set the cooking time and temperature and display it on the screen to configure the recipes, plus its super easy panel includes menu of 6 common recipe options.

Thanks to the timer, you can set the cooking time and forget about the fryer. This makes it another great feature, for when we don't have time to be in the kitchen. It usually has the function of off after it, to prevent food from passing or sticking.

Once the system is up and running will turn off automatically at the end of the selected time and also includes an automatic shut-off protection when the basket is removed.

▷ Design and Construction

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Protection in the kitchen is something that we must take into account and that we need at all times. That's why, when there is a brand that thinks about it like Vpcok, we love it and we can't deny it. It has a casing in its fryer that keeps it at a good temperature, avoiding overheating. and that we can burn if we get to rub it. This housing is made of high quality PVC. A feature that may go unnoticed but is really important.

The principles of innovation and quality are everything for this brand, that's why its products have excellent designs.

In this appliance, the company has opted for a pull-out drawer system for foodstuffs with clean lines and modern look in black with silver accents

Its sleek design is also another great advantage for the Vpcok fryer. It has a good size composed of a fairly elegant and fine silhouette. That minimalist and glossy type finish is what we need in our kitchen. But not content with that, despite all the great features of it, it must be said that. is small enough to be stored in any space in the kitchen..

Made of plastic and stainless steel structure, a high quality housing made with double layer and cool touch to withstand high temperatures and avoid burns.

It has non-stick coating in their removable parts and free of toxic substances BPA o bisphenol A. But it will also prevent leftovers from forming in the basket. This results in tastier dishes, with a good result and moreover, will save us time when it comes to cleaning up. A coating that will last longer and will be more resistant to scratching.

  • Dimensions: Height 32 x Width 26 x Depth 33 cms
  • Approximate Weight: 4,5 Kilos

▷ BPA free

Whenever we buy a product, we have to make sure that it is BPA free. The bisphenol-A is a chemical compound. Which means that it can be quite harmful to health. Hence, in Vpcok fryers we ensure that none of its components incorporate it and thus, we are calmer, knowing that each of its parts is free of all kinds of compounds of this type. Quality materials such as stainless steel are what really star in an appliance like this.

▷ Healthy cooking

As you may already know, oil-free fryers can cook in a much healthier way compared to traditional fryers. This is because you can only add a spoonful and it will be enough to prepare a wide variety of dishes without fat. It is said that reduces the fat in food by more than 80%The food can be elaborated in this way that we mentioned. So we can take care of ourselves and our whole family, but without giving up those dishes that we like so much.

▷ Cooking programs

Vpcok fryers have 6 pre-set cooking programs. So in order to use them, we just have to press a button and wait for the cooking time, without any problem. Thanks to the programs, we will no longer have to select anything else, neither temperature nor adjust the cooking time, and in a few minutes we will have a perfect dish to surprise our guests. Don't you think it's a great idea?

▷ Warranty

In addition to the two years warranty against manufacturing defects, the brand offers 30 days to return the product if it doesn't live up to your expectations.

Is Vpcok a good brand of oil-less fryer?

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Although the brand is certainly not one of the best known for many of you, it is already making a good place in the market. Because the Vpcok fryers are conquering everyone. The truth is that it is an appliance that offers amazing value for money..

Hence, little by little, it is considered that it is already competing with other brands more than ever or lifetime, as we usually name them well. Each of its products improves us in versatility and improve our day to day.

Of course, if after all that has been said, we focus on the question of whether Vpcok is a good brand of oil-less fryers, we will say yes. That in addition to the quality, its price is really tight. That it allows us to enjoy numerous recipes, in a very intuitive way and that it has a compact size for all that it offers us, because it has a slightly larger capacity than other models. So, what more can we ask for?

➤ Price Oil Free Deep Fryer Vpcok

The price range of this model around 75 EurosThe average price is similar to other products and in line with the specifications offered.

If you are interested you can enter here and see the exact price you have at the moment.

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▷ Accessories Included

With the purchase of this model you will receive the following items:

  • Drawer
  • Basket
  • Power Cable
  • Book with Recipes

▷ Other Brand Models

If this healthy air fryer doesn't meet your expectations, you may be interested in the top model of the same company.

It is a device with a lot of capacity and with more cooking options which also gets high marks from those who have tried it.

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▷ Comparison Table

Quickly compare the differences between the two devices at a glance

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➤ How does it work?

Although it is not in English, in the video you can clearly see the simple operation and the results of this appliance.

➤ User Reviews

With more than 150 customer reviews on Amazon (over 90% positive) and a score of 4.5 out of 5 is among the highest rated.

Opinions focus on ease of use, its practicality, how tasty and healthy the prepared food is and how easy it is to clean up afterwards.

This is an important element when making a purchase decision, as other people who have tried the fryer show their experience with the product and serve as a reference for you.

You can click here to see all opinions of the buyers.

➤ Conclusions Mifreidorasin-oil

The specifications offered as well as the good ratings along with a price that is more than correct. place it as a good option for those looking for a digital model and drawer system with maximum capacity for three diners.

Despite having the minimum legal warranty, what we like the least is that these brands do not have technical service in our country.

▷ Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Good Price
  • Digital control with display and 6 programs
  • Buyer Reviews
  • Return period
  • Brand Unknown

➤ Buy Air Fryer Vpcok

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  1. The handle has a piece of steel that rusts after a short time of use. A real problem because they don't send loose parts separately and there is no technical service in Spain.

    • Hello Rafael,

      We really don't know which part of the handle you are referring to. Ours is all plastic.



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